This delightfully, humorous story portrays several adventures and mishaps of the main character, “Stinky Shoes,” before teaching an important lesson: Not all wishes are good wishes.


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Enjoy this excerpt from Stinky Shoes:

Then suddenly, I saw lightning flash across the sky, and I heard thunder clashing like cymbals and then humming like a drum roll through the night. It started raining…. At first, it was a sprinkle. Gradually, it became a cascade of water drenching me. I kicked and kicked, but I was stuck to his feet like glue hanging on for dear life. The flood of water grew larger and larger until the sky poured buckets of rain over me. It was slippery and extremely wet. So I kicked harder … and harder… and harder… and harder… until I flew into the stormy sky. “Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h-h,” I sighed. I could breathe again. I flew higher and higher into the very, wet sky and grew cleaner and cleaner as the rain washed the stink away. This was heavenly! Of course, whatever goes up must come down! But … … … … OH, NO!


Stinky Shoes is a great read aloud book that serves as an excellent model of story structure, descriptive language, dialogue, and other narrative elements that students can take note of and use in their own writing.  It is a tale that helps children to build on their own imaginations and tell creative stories that make sense and have a central message for the reader. - Dr. J. D.

This book is amazing! My 15 month old is totally engaged the entire time and waits for more! It’s so much to learn and grows with her. - Yolunda R.

My kids at school will love this. It will help them use their imagination. The critical thinking activities are well planned. - Anonymous

This book is Excellent! The author has really written a book for all ages. Her creative storytelling appeals to both young and old and the illustrations grab the reader's attention right from the start. I laughed out loud while reading the book to my children and I even enjoyed challenging myself answering the literary questions at the end. I am telling all of my friends! Everyone should own a copy of this book. - Anonymous

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